Karim Rashid is a citizen of global community. Karim imagines the world beyond the norms of conflict, war, boundary and class between people. Globalove was initially realised by the Italy-based extraordinaire company, Riva 1920 in year 2014 with Riva’s highly sophisticated production technology in wood objects. Globalove (Korea edition in 2017) is Karim’s universal message of love, peace and appeal to unity without having been limited to conventional boundaries. He states that “We all started as one and will all be one again one day soon.” Such firm resolution and belief have been recognised into Globalove.

Globalove Sculpture in Collaboration with Analogizm 
(H)3110x(W)2070x(D)2300mm  Birch, audio and lighting system
Karim Rashid X Analogizm  카림 라시드 X 아나로기즘 2017  Korea


[아나로기즘 Analogizm]
한성재 HAN, Sung-jae
이상호 LEE, Sang-ho
이동규 LEE, Dong-kyu
김종수 KIM, Jong-soo
이두연 LEE, Duyeon
박주현 PARK, Juhyeon
진용훈 JIN, Yonghun
지승환 JI, Seung-hwan 

The World's  best speaker "Feastrex"  

The paper used for the loudspeaker cone of Feastrex is a paper made by a family of human cultural property descending from the ninth generation in Japan, and it is a very excellent species that painter Pablo Picasso used for lithography. This paper is made of tough fibers taken from the skin of paper mulberry just like a Korean paper, and it is an outstanding paper with fast signal transmission speed required for speaker cone.



Feastrex 의 자료

Feastrex is a loudspeaker brand operated by Kiyoshi Akiyama (Ph.D. Feastrex's technology is called Naturflux (a spherical magnetic circuit), which is the world's smallest error speaker technology with a 0.25% distortion in the voice coil gap when driving a speaker. Feastrex was selected as one of the 200 best entries from the world's top audio show "Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Denver 2008" and was rated the best in the speaker section. It is the best sounding speaker in AUDIO FEDERATION.

This Collaboration is a project that Analogizm was commissioned by Feastrex and it is a remarkable Collaboration that is finely set up in Korea by Feastrex's units and technicians. I look forward to a true Design Hi-Fi Aoudio.

A new project by Louis Vuitton "ARTisans" and AnalogiZm Collaoration


‘Preservation and succession of craftsmanship’. It is the most valued idea of Louis Vuitton since 1854 when it first stared from a trunk workshop and is still valued throughout the 5 generations. Louis Vuitton Korea officially launched social contribution project ‘ARTisans’ that they have been running for a year. ‘ARTisans’ is an attempt to combine the social contribution and art which represents the brand philosophy of ‘pursuit of coexistence of tradition and innovation’. the first project of ‘ARTisans’ includes shedding a new light to the Korean traditional culture by inviting the traditional instrument craftsman and the modern artists together. Han Seung Jae, who majored ‘Wood and Furniture’ in university and is interested in visualizing the sound, made Gayakum playable while sitting on the chair. because Gayakum is typically played while sitting on the floor. also, he added an extra function. it still work as an instrument but the instrument could be used as a table too.

Ballantines and AnalogiZm Collaoration


Collaboration work to celebrate the ‘Ballentines – 21 years aged’. George Ballentine described the innovation as keep moving forward with consistant amount of time and with the basic ideas in mind so that the depth and maturity could develop even though it takes a lot of time. and that is George Ballentine’s idea of the innovation. we wanted to express George Ballentine’s mature idea of innovation through our work. so we used the wood finishing process from an olden days. ‘applying the sap by melting it with an alcohol’. we put the sap in to the Ballentine whiskey and waited for a very long time. and then after the sap melted, we applied the sap on the surface of the wood so that it could convey the idea of mature innovation of 21 years aged Ballentine with the color and the scent. also the sound system was added too. it can be used as a table but also the hidden amplifier can be opened so that people can enjoy the music.
3Edition. / No. 3

Liesangbong and AnalogiZm Collaoration

A fashion designer, Sangbong collaborates with Han Sung Jae, and put on Danchung and colors so that it could represent the Korea through speaker. He is reincarnated into a work where Sangbong Designer's unique Korean sensibility has been incorporated into his work. 

Pupil of Kim Tae Hee, No.10 important intangible cultural asset

(lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl)

Choi Jong Gwan and AnalogiZm Collaoration

It is a collaborative work between a young artist and a craftsman who is currently leading our tradition as part of the "Star Product Development" project of the Craft Promotion Agency. I made a desk in Korea with a static and simple line. The wood is moved by the shrinkage and swelling caused by the moisture, and it has a problem as a furniture. Unlike the other finishes, the lacquer is a piece that combines the characteristics that keeps the wood in a perfect condition when it is broken or cracked when it shrinks and expands .

ⓒ Copyright(c) 2011 designer Han sung-jae. All rights reserved All pictures cannot be copied without permission.