Ak Sang II walnut, speaker system, steel840(h)x700x355(2015).2 s size


2016 Korean president visited Russia and "Ak Sang II" was presented to the Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia as a state guest present



‘Ak sang Ⅱ’ is a tribute to 김인식 선생 (Mr. Kim In Sik). he was the first Western composer in korea, and the lyricist of the first verse of the Korean anthem. ‘Ak sang Ⅱ’ is created for his passionate attitudes towards music. And would like to dedicate this work to him.  It was motivated by the shape  of an organ and is created with a walnut. this luxurious speaker captures the sound without the echo. and the shape is a consist of sophisticated designs and analog sensibility. it has a meaning of harmonization between the two nations , "

"1 куплет государственного гимна до припева (前) написанногопервым корейским исполнителемзападной музыкиКим Ин Щиком в память об учителе, под названием «Вспокойноевремяможно слушать музыку (音),в темное времяможно писать музыку (作曲)». В память о его страсти к музыке, о том, как в общежитии школы Сунщиль не закрывал он крышку органа ни днем, ни ночью,динамики разработаны в форме органа Walnut. Динамики высшего классавоспроизводят музыку без шума, имеютизящный дизайн ианалоговое чувственное восприятие,несут в себе надежду на распространение великолепной гармонии связи двух стран."

마티에르 홈페이지용 작은



brooch "MATIERE", which used  Korean 'oat' and oil paints from Europe,

was awarded the silver prize in Italy's prestigious A DESIGN AWARD.

Florence / 2017. Florence Cathedral. Italy

'Matiere' can be seen as a result of the technique of getting accustomed to the material and using the material as it is, and it can be said that the intention of the artist to appeal is aesthetically processed. The work "matiere" is a work expressing the beauty of the moment with the rich expression powered by the overlap of the pigment through the effect of the palette knife. Focusing on the visual sense of depth through the overlapping of paint, this work is a sensual work that preserves the touch of the brush tip and the feel of the knife. Each work is unique in its form, touch, and texture.The work was made with a mixture of various materials.


Since the linseed oil and the oil pigment used as the main component of the material take a long time to completely dry and may become cracked or discolored over time, the artist has to dry with temperature and humidity control to compensate for such disadvantages. so the artist usedThe traditional material 'Lacquer' which changes overtime. High quality lacquer improves luster with a little more firm bond, strong adhesion, and shorter drying time. When the material is dried using only the emulsified pigment, after the drying, the crystal of the oil component solidifies on the surface of the work, and the surface may appear dirty and hazy. Therefore, after several tests, it was possible to control the drying time by mixing the main component of lacquer, lacquer and emulsifying pigment in appropriate proportion, and when the oil component and lacquer component were mixed in proper proportion, the three-dimensional feeling was revived and the volume decreased after the lapse of time And no cracking phenomenon was observed. As a result, the mixing of lacquer and pigment not only shortens the drying time, but also increases the surface strength of the work, which gradually becomes glazed as time passes. In addition, because of the effect of lacquer, the work has the advantages of sterilization, insecticide and waterproofing. As such, 'Matiere' is a work of art that maximizes strength by combining traditional materials and modern materials in a natural way. Currently, various efforts are continuously being made to produce better works.

Golden Bug I -1Walnut, steel, brass, birch plywood, aluminium.530 x 350 x 800(h)mm 2015 small



Emotional speaker "GOLDEN BUG" was awarded the bronze prize in Italy's

prestigious A DESIGN AWARD.

Florence / 2017. Florence Cathedral. Italy

The design of the golden bug has two meanings. One thing is the design philosophy of old cars. The design of the golden bug's exterior design has shaped the shape of the grille or headlight of an old car, considering that the car has also evolved for a long time to accumulate the technology to overcome the resistance of the air like sound. The second is "acoustic memory." Music is not just a sound, it has memories of each person. I have been listening to music through various devices from Lp player to mp3 player, and these devices became friends of people and I wanted to make such a friend once again. The golden bug was designed as a friend-like image that reminds of old memories.



Contracted "GOLDEN BUG" for mass production and sponsored the movie "Real"

 and sold it to "Kim Soo Hyun Edition" in 2017.

Supported the drama "The Diary of Light of Sajeong"


"GOLDEN BUG" has a mass production plan from 2015 and has been concentrating on development until now. The work is currently being upgraded from a digital amplifier to a tube amp and will be mass-produced and sold in early 2017.


It was sponsored by Kim Soo-hyun, a filmmaker who invested in Alibaba, China, and was awarded a contract with the movie company "Angry Bull." The film will be released in China in 2017 as "Kim Soo Hyun Edition" in China. It will also be sold and sold at T-Mall operated by Alibaba.

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